A TMJ Surgical Skills Technique Course for the Practicing Surgeon

With Added Option For 
TMJ Arthroscopy Mini-Residency Certification 

Rationale and Technique for Arthroscopic Surgery (Since 1985)

Course-scheduling is designed to minimize interruption of OMFS’ practice.

16 accredited hours of CE & Laser Safety Certification 

48 CE Hours with 3 Session
PCRF Arthroscopy Mini-Residency Certification 

Would you like to include TMJ arthroscopic Surgery into your practice, and yet avoid paying a large commitment of expense and time out of your practice in order to obtain this? 

Try enrolling in this premium cadaver training lab giving you a "practice-based" arthroscopic hands-on course with Dr. Jeffrey Moses and TMJ Arthroscopic-Certified surgical faculty. See how this procedure has been simplified to achieve a 90% patient success rate for improved function and pain reduction using proven, and sustainable TMJ arthroscopic orthopedic management.

Dr. Moses, one of the original pioneers in Arthroscopic Surgery has been hosting cadaveric TMJ Arthroscopic training since 1984, and has published many book chapters and peer-reviewed articles showing techniques as well as documented evidence-based success outcomes.

Space is limited so contact us now at: Pacific Clinical Research Foundation, 3980 Lariat Ridge, New Braunfels, Texas 78132.  Please indicate which session you wish to add to your calendar when confirmed. The course registration upon acceptance will be $3,300 per session. Registrants often sign up for multiple sessions to take advantage of extended learning from the faculty who are rotated through the session dates. Registrants who take 3 sessions qualify for the Mini-Residency Option obtaining their 48hr CE-verified, Mini-Residency Certification by the Moses Institute Pacific Clinical Research Foundation. 

Course Location:
Airport for Flights: San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
 Mission Medical Training Lab Facility
814 Arion Pkwy, Ste 405, San Antonio, Texas, 78216, U.S.A.
(Discounted Course Hotel Information will be sent to registrants following Course Payment) 

Contact Dr. Moses directly at DrJeffMoses@yahoo.com


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Several decades have elapsed since the TMJ arthroscopic revolution of the 1980’s. A technological rush of various techniques to replicate open surgical procedures with “minimally- invasive” duplication eventually led to the realization that “less-is- more” when addressing the joint’s synovial responses to orthopedic biomechanical stressors.

It was statistically proven that load distribution via relatively simple arthroscopic lysis of adhesions, synovial impingement release, and reversal of chronic capsular fibrosis, followed by therapeutic lavage and appropriate physical therapy was sufficient to provide a 90-92% success rate providing return of functionality with significant pain reduction for patients documented with long term follow-up.

Furthermore, it was shown that, unless underlying biomechanical stressor issues were resolved following restoration of superior joint compartment mobilization enhancing subsequent load distribution, comfortable joint function would fail again having it’s its adaptive synovial responses overwhelmed. This resulted in a change in basic assumptions of therapeutic therapies involving facial-skeletal corrections diagnosed as contributing factors that required correction for these patients. It has been shown that over 38% of patients exhibiting TMD have concurrent skeletofacial deformities.

This course provides the Maxillofacial Surgeon with evidenced based rationale didactics and therapeutic methods for office based surgical-arthroscopic restoration of TM Joint function and hands-on fresh cadaver training with seasoned faculty.

The course encompasses 2 fully-packed weekend days with focus upon hands-on laboratory cadaver experience using state-of-the-art arthroscopic equipment in this private practice schedule-friendly course with Saturday night social event in the famous San Antonio River Walk City provided . Included in the registration, each participant will have three fresh frozen cephalic TM-Joints to learn and perform the fundamentals of level I and level II arthroscopic maneuvers upon as well to be introduced to level III procedures including the Endaural Puncture approach for medial and lateral joint space visualizations and triangulation. Participants will be offered time to gain personal insights on facilitated surgical techniques for open joint access upon conclusion of their arthroscopic experiences. Additionally, registrants will also keep their KLS Martin TMJ Eminencia Release Elevator instrumentation provided to them at the course during the training session ( an added $700 value).

Further enhancing the participants' experiences, opportunity is given to the registrants to have personal assistance from faculty to monitor the incorporation of these techniques into their practices. They will have the opportunity to individually arrange faculty procedure-monitoring visits to their private practices and help coordinate with their physical therapists. Use of Ambulatory Office Accreditation for financial feasibility is presented by Dr. Moses, a AAAHC Accreditation Surveyor. Special NOTE: Registrants who attend 3 sessions are awarded a 48hr CE-verified Mini-Residency Certification by the Moses Institute Pacific Clinical Research Foundation. 

Courses are scheduled for 2025 in the months of April, June, August and October.  Contact Dr. Moses and register your interest in attendance and indicate which sessions hold the most interest. Finalization of course hotel accomodations and social events will be communicated to each participant upon their paid registration.

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