Engaging Children’s Book and Original Artwork

Persistence prevails! Children’s book, Detri's Round Trip, features original artwork by Maribel Art in
Carlsbad, California.

The Voyage Begins

Come and explore with Detri and his friends on the journey of a lifetime! Detri's Round Trip entertains children and illustrates some of life’s most sacred principles. Detri's adventure reveals several important lessons for children, including the benefits of persistence, self-esteem, and self-control.

Warm Reception

Allow children to explore the imaginary world they create for themselves and let them discover that facing one’s fears is the key to overcoming obstacles. Testimonials for Detri's Round Trip include:

“The characters are endearing and show a descriptive and creative way to teach the valuable lesson of love. A wonderful book written with true compassion and heart.”
— Laura A.B., Entrepreneur, Artist, and Mother

Detri's Round Trip Book Cover - Children’s Book
"The journey of Detri kept pulling me onward in the reading to discover more of his journey of self-discovery with new friends... It is a unique way to share these life's lessons. It was a lovely journey for me, too."
— Leslie M., Retired Teacher and Grandmother

"Detri's Round Trip is a deep look at life and all of the lessons along the way. Author, Maribel Moses has created an enchanting story where the challenges and experiences of life are explored in an imaginative, creative way... in for a rare treat."
—Jerri S., Filmmaker

"I was really moved and inspired by her charming story, which has deep meanings for adults as well as children."
— Pat R., Editor

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