Maribel Vargas de Moses

Vice President, Smiles International Foundation
Director, Art for Smiles Projects
Following one of her passions, Maribel has generously donated 50% of her paintings proceeds to the general funds for Smiles International Foundation

Maribel Vargas Moses

“Art Statement”

There is no denying that beauty in this world is all around us.  It is only in that instance of peace in our mind and hearts when you are more so inclined to breath it all in and enjoy it.

To me, it is even more present in the beauty of a human-being, full of all its complexities, with whom we must interact with.  Having that in our very core makes it even more beautiful and constructs a very great subject to paint.

We are always so entertained by people in all kinds of different settings, seeing so much of their life reflected on their faces and exemplified even more so with body attire and body language.

So I decided as an artist to focus on this beauty that completely hides the more significant essence of the spirit; not discounting how, at times,  I feel I have captivated that spirit bringing it into the work.

Nothing is more gratifying to me as an artist as to start a day with a white canvas and, at the end of that day, having someone looking back at me as an extension of humanity brought forth, from fantasy in my mind, to reflect in colors and textures on a canvas. Visiting and sharing its existence with the appreciation of such form and creation is, in fact, an extension of each of us.

Maribel... In Children's Hearts!

Maribel working as Children's Coordinator, Smiles of Ukraine

Maribel handles pre and postop non-clinical children's affairs for Smiles Surgeries

Maribel at Smiles of Tecate, Mexico