Smiles of India
During the years 2008-10, Science Fair specialist and educator, Leslie Moses Moe traveled to India accompanying and leading her educational objectives mission team. The purpose was to assist the Christian school located in the village of Mori Podu, located in the Andhra Pradash region of India near the Godavari River under the Blue Mountains flowing to the Bay of Bengal.

This region requested assistance in initiating the process of Science Fair education for the more than 450 children, many of which were orphans, who were being housed and educated by the Riverside Mission School which was originally started by a wonderful visionary, Subamma. (seeThe Subamma Story)

In addition to sucessfully intiating the areas first Science Fair,Leslie was shown the Subamma Hospital facility which had fallen into disrepair due to reluctance of doctors and clinicians to treat the people of the area's population known to be predominantly of the caste formerly known as the "Untouchable Caste", or now called the Dhalit.

Leslie brought the children's plight of having a scarcity of medical/dental care and mentioned that the Smiles International Foundation would be able to help to the grandson of Subamma now in charge of the mission school and hospital village, Professor Solomon Darwin. Dr. Darwin's teaching and consultation profession is based at the University of Berkeley, and following a site visit by Dr. and Mrs. Moses to Mori Podu for facial deformities-afflicted patient screening and examination-treatment plan preparations, facility and equipment needs-assessments, an agreement was cemented between the two groups,Project India, and Smiles International Foundation.

Rotarian Dr.Sanjay, Prof.Dr.J.Moses, Mrs.Maribel Moses, Dr.Arun Noah first meeting on-site screening and evaluation mission December 2009
Additional concern for clean water for the children of the village securing their health against water borne diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, and the like was important to Dr. Moses upon seeing the exposure to the contaminated shallow well waters taken from the Gadavari River Delta
and the Psunami effects on the Delta Water Systems.

Therefore, SIF has taken steps to begin the intallation of a water purification system most likely to be obtained through the excellent engineering philanthropy, Water Missions International.

Smiles of India Surgical Mission
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